Easy Daily Meal 2. Fried Rice.

Hey there,

This is my second post of my own daily meal recipes.

I’m Sorry that I forgot to take a photo to chop the ingredients, but I don’t think you cannot do that now.
It is just similar to the last one,
Peel the onions first, and chop it as smallest pieces as you want.
like… LEGO pieces. HAHA
And chop any ingredients that you want.
Why I only say onions? Because the onion is the most important ingredient to cook fried rice!!!

For this time, since I only had some corns, and ham slices inside my fridge,
I just put them all.
Don’t forget to put enough amount of vegetable oil!
Then, Stir-frying them until the onions getting brown colored.
It is very important!  Until onions become brown!!
It is because when onion has fried enough, it starts to give you sweet taste, not spicy.
And it is the point of the taste of fried rice.

When the onions fried enough, put an egg and stir it to spread the egg.
Keep stir-frying until all of the ingredients get brown colored.

Now it’s time to put rice! (Sorry I take this photo before I realized that I have an egg.)
Make sure you prepared steamed rice with less water.
It will not be fried well if you prepare normal style steamed rice.
You can put salt, black pepper or any kind of seasonings if you want.
It depends on what ingredients you used. (If you used bacons, then probably don’t need salt at all.)

I just put some leftover potatoes from the last post.
This is the good point of fried rice.
You can put whatever leftover ingredients into it!
Really WHATEVER, if you can eat them. HAHA.

I’m pretty sure fried rice is the best food that you can easily practice to cook,
since it needs the most basic two steps,
1. use of knife
2. stir-frying.
Therefore, let’s try to make your own fried rice now.


  • WHATEVER you want to put (what you can eat)
  • Onion (The most important)
  • Steamed rice (steam it with less amount of water. Like 3/4 of normal cook)
  • vegetable oil (recommend canola oil)
  • Salt, Black Pepper, or any kind of seasonings you like.

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