Easy Daily Meal 1. Nikujaga (Meat & Potato Stew)


welcome to my first cooking post!
If you are  a first-time cooker, then please see the “How to” categories before start to read.
Or, let’s start to cook.

In this post, I’ll show you one of my own daily meal recipes,
a Nikujaga (Meat&Potato Stew).
What you need?

Just a pack of meat(any kinds you want) and some potatoes.

First, peel potatoes!
it is easy with potato knife, but you can do it with  regular kitchen knife too.
Just make sure, don’t cut from inside to outside. (direction from our body)
Easily cut from out to in. It will be much safe to save your finger.

20151020_185141 20151020_185642
After peel them, cut potatoes in big pieces, and throw them into a pot.
Put some amount of oil (like drizzling over the potatoes.)
I recommend to use canola oil, but you can use any kind of vegetable oil depends on your money!

20151020_190236 20151020_190355
When the potatoes become slightly brownish, it’s time to put your meat.
I used sliced pork this time, but it doesn’t matter with any kinds of meat.
I usually use pork or beef.
Stir-frying them until meat has roasted enough.

20151020_190511 20151020_190644
When your meat has roasted enough, now it’s time to put sauces.
The one I used is ‘Tsuyu’, which is japanese sauce made by soysauce and some ingredients.
If you can buy this, then just use it.
If you cannot find this, then you can alternate with soysauce and brown sugar.
It’s not make same taste with tsuyu, but tastes not bad.
If you use soysauce and suger, then put soysauce and water with ratio of 1:3 (soy:water),
and put sugar with your choice of amount.
I recommend to put little by little with taste the soup, during boiling.

When you use Tsuyu, put 1:1 amount of water with tsuyu, to almost submerge your meat and potatoes.

Maybe some black peppers are good too.

20151020_191005 20151020_191012
Now, boil them until it has almost none of the soup with medium-low heat.
However, the amount of soup is depends on your choice.
Choose the timing yourself to finish up.

20151020_192826 20151020_193943
It is greatly harmonized with white rice.

Try it!
It’s easy, cheap, and tasty! (Cheap! so it can be a practice for your cooking skill!)
But I hope you don’t say “I don’t know how to cook white rice.”
…Maybe I will post about it later too.


  • 1~2 pounds of any kind of meats.
  • Potatoes
  • vegetable oil (recommend canola oil)
  • “Tsuyu” (or you can use soysauce and brown sugar)
  • Same amount of Water with Tsuyu
  • Black pepper
  • Steamed rice for serving

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