Step 1: What tools should we have?

Before start to cook,
Of course the first step is preparing the tools.
But, what tools should we prepare?


Yes it is the basic tool,

But you don’t need these much.

You are only a beginner cooker, right?

So you only need a knife, the basic formed one.

It doesn’t matter of the maker for now, so just choose one that fit with your hand, and price.
Since me either use only a knife for cooking most of the foods,
I’m sure you don’t have to worry about this.

Plus, make sure to buy chopping board too.

Rather than knives, for more easier cutting work, a cooking scissors will be helpful too.

Next important things are pots and frying pans.
But also with this, you don’t have to buy a lot of pots and frying pans, but only need a regular size one each.
What is the regular size? maybe the one you picked up.
But make sure they are the non-stick coating product or not.
YOU MUST buy the non-stick coated one, since we are buying only one of each.
If you are more interested in cooking, then maybe need a deep pot and a chinese frying pan too.
Especially the chinese frying pan is useful for a lot of recipes, so I recommend to buy one.

Maybe you have the rest.
Microwave, and Oven. (probably built in where you live)

This is My Kitchen.
These are all you need, which are all I have.
(+ microwave, and some knives.)
What I want to talk about? Don’t say “I don’t have enough tools. ”
You never need more than those.

You’re done preparing to start to cook.


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