About Me & Blog


Hi, there!
Welcome to my blog!

NAME    I’m Joon Choi, so you can call me Joon or J, whatever.
(And loves “J”apanese foods…… just kidding.)

Since I don’t watch TV, I don’t watch any cooking shows,
but I am wandering around to find out good restaurants on weekend,
and find recipes from internet for not cloying.
My favorite restaurant right now is Brazillian buffet,
since I cannot handle all kinds of meats.
AH! Lamb is too delicious. (My best in this time!)

WHY    The reason why I started this blog was…
simply because of the homework (HONESTLY!),
but I really hope to help YOU who are getting stressed with
first cooking by your hand.
Isn’t it cloying to eat same foods every single day?
Now let’s try to cook by yourself.
Maybe I can help.

STORY    In 2006, at the second semester of 9th grade, I came to U.S. and began to live with homestay family. However the host family were too busy, so the foods were mostly inside the fridge or cooked in a pot, and I just re-heat them to eat. That was the reason I start to cook by myself. The foods that I made in that days were not great at all, but I could learn basic skills, and it started to improve after my brother followed me from Korea. However, I was still only a teenager and there were only some common tools in the kitchen of that house, the menus were always simple. After I graduate high school, I began to live alone, so my cooking skills improved too. If I have more reason on my philosophy, which is simple & easy but tasty, there are two reasons. First, the foods were terribly bad at the base, when I was in a military unit of Korean air force. Second, a man who live alone doesn’t need to think much on his food.  <- Truth.

THEN    By my sight, as one of a college student,
The worst subject that the younger generation in these days, especially who are college freshmen, or freshly independent from their family is housework. Well, they will soon can do the laundry and cleaning, because there are godly helpful machines, washer and vacuum cleaner. However, the cooking is different. Foods cannot be cooked by one touch button, since no one say your 3 minute microwave as cooking. But this is the problem. In this step, many young people gave up to cook, because it seems too hard for them. Therefore I want to let them know the cooking doesn’t need any talent, but easy and simple. This is a compiled experience of my independent life over 7 years, so I hope rookies can quit their instant life and start to cook with my blog.

WHAT  – Kind of Recipes that I’m going to handle on this blog?
I said my recipes are simple and easy, but it doesn’t mean instant or fast foods. Namely, I bet my recipes are healthier than typical fast foods. However, I believe the food culture should absolutely pursuing pleasure on taste, so my blog is totally different than such a health food blog. Foods, that are not tasty for someone who cook that foods, are failures. If you don’t feel good on the recipe, then just forget it, and find something other. There are over the millions of recipes in the world. Why not find out what you want? If you are vegetarian, or such people who cannot eat something, still I can say to find out the recipe that you can eat, or maybe you can get rid of some ingredients that you cannot eat from the recipe. It’s not a hard work, and since our goal is not a chef of restaurant or something, the taste of foods are not changed that much without those one or two ingredients. But Of course it should not be a main ingredient of that food.

For buying ingredients,
I think it doesn’t really matter to buy organic or not.
To put clearly, my blog is not a healthcare blog,
so it depends on your money in your pocket.
As I talked about this above,
my philosophy on cooking is simple & easy but tasty.
Therefore my usual shopping place is Costco and Walmart.
However, I don’t recommend prepackaged items,
such as canned or frozen ingredients,
because we cannot prove the freshness of those items.
The exceptions are fishes from the ocean,
and maybe sausages and bacons.
However, this is only my recommendation, so it depends on your choice.
If you think more on your health, then it will be better to improve
your skill to find better one from the stocks on market.
Of course you will see it on my blog!

Do you want to eat better foods?
or just going to buy some instants?

or leave comment anywhere on this blog.


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